Cheap contact lenses Australia wearers are loving!

Cheap contact lenses Australia wearers are loving!

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Contact lenses are tiny slivers of plastic, yet in Australia they cost a fortune.
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We are able to supply almost all brands of contact lenses but the best value we offer is by providing you with high quality equivalent lenses to what you’re already wearing. These are sourced directly from the manufacturers and made available to you at fair and reasonable prices.

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No fancy branding, no expensive retail shops, no multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company doing some price gouging, no corporate image to live up to – just great quality but cheap contact lenses at the prices they’re really worth. GO FREEDOM!

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We’re not just about cheap contact lenses, we’re passionate about getting lenses to you quickly too by AusPost

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Having spent thousands on contact lenses over the years, I couldn't believe it when I found you guys last year. I've already saved a couple of hundred dollars. And always had my order delivered quickly which is great because I'm always leaving it to the last minute for ordering. THANKS FREEDOM TEAM!

Mandi Reynolds
Mandi Reynolds

Sutherland, NSW

I've used the same brand of lenses successfully for many years so was worried about switching brands. Then the price went up on them so I thought I'd give yours a try. I wish I'd done it sooner. The lenses are just as good and I'm saving so much money now. I used to overwear my lenses just to get more value but I haven't since using your Airsoft brand and my eyes feel much better.

Kristel Simonsen

Chapel Hill, QLD

Love your lenses! I love having different eye colours and being able to do this with your rainbow packs are exactly what I like. The colours are a good strong colour change which is what I like.

Bethany Arlidge

Camberwell, VIC

I have quite dry eyes and the air conditioning at work makes it worse so I've got to wear dailies as I often replace them even during the day. The Truemoist dailies are perfect for me so much cheaper than any other brand and just as good a quality too.

Cherry Cruickshank
Cherry Cruickshank

Morphett Vale, SA

I sometimes have to wait weeks for my toric lenses. I found your website during yet another frustrating wait for lenses and decided to order your HiToric brand just to see what they were like as they were so cheap anyway. They arrived two days later and the lenses are amazing! Now on my third order of them and the same experience every time, you've got me as a customer for life!

Melanie Samaeli
Melanie Samaeli

Oxenford, QLD