our story

Our story

When the penny dropped: the start of the revolution!

This story sounds as typical as you can get it. FreedomLenses.com.au founder Steve Foster had been wearing contact lenses “forever”. Had been buying them online for most of that time, but after yet another price increase + painfully long waiting time for his lenses to arrive, decided to delve a bit deeper into the whole contact lenses industry. What he found was both shocking & exciting all at the same time! Shocking because the whole thing seemed so crazily stacked against the consumer, but excited because it presented such an obvious opportunity to make a difference to so many people’s lives by sourcing a range of great lenses and offering them at realistic prices along with the fastest possible delivery!

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Our view of the industry

Almost the entire global contact lenses industry is totally dominated by four multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical corporations. Combined, they have such a strangle-hold on the industry that it is incredibly difficult for a new manufacturer to penetrate into the market, or for consumers to have any real influence either.
This results in these companies being able to take a tiny sliver of plastic that costs just a few cents to produce, and mark it up by up to 20,000% by the time it’s purchased by the consumer.
Our view is that this isn’t right or fair and it has to change.

Our plan to make a difference

We’ve partnered with three independent contact lens manufacturers where we’ve cherry-picked the best products to match what Australian lens wearers typically already wear.
These manufacturers have cutting edge thechnology, producing some of the highest quality lenses available today in terms of super-high oxygen transmission materials, edge design and of course vision correction.
All lenses meet the most most stringent health, quality & safety standards.

We source the brands we carry in bulk, meaning we keep our costs as low as possible, and then we warehouse them ourselves so we have total control over customer order management and dispatch processes. Almost every sinngle order of our own brands ships the same day it is placed.
Because we know that getting contact lenses quickly is what everyone wants.

Are the lenses any good?

They’re awesome! We are getting some of the most advanced innovations coming through in the lenses we offer now. From super high oxygen transmission silicone hydrogel material that allows up to 7 x more oxygen to flow through to your eyes, to advanced edge design that reduces eye irritation, to BioPlus – a coating on the outside of the lenses to retain moisture and lubricity – these puppies have all the bells & whistles!

Anyone for a free trial?

But don’t take our word for it. You can get a free 10pk of our Truemoist Dailies or a free 2pk of Airsoft Monthly lenses.

Find out for yourself how simply amazing these lenses are without having to commit to a whole pack first. We know you’ll love them – that’s why we offer them as free trials!

And once you’ve experienced for yourself how good they are, you can lookk forward to savign yourself hundreds of dollars a year while still using great lenses.

Find out more about our free trials today!