Our story

Our story

FreedomLenses.com.au|Our story

Our mission: start the contact lenses revolution!

At Freedom Lenses we want to put an end to the strangle-hold that the traditional contact lenses market has on the industry and bring some realism to the crazily high prices that lens wearers typically have to pay.

Almost the entire industry globally is dominated by just four multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies. They have all the usual big corporate stuff going on: endless thousands of employees and management levels, huge complex supply systems, massive capital investments and very entrenched market penetration – resulting in you the contact lens wearer having to pay for this through massively overpriced lenses. What a place to start a revolution!

FreedomLenses.com.au|Our story

Our history in the industry

The key drivers of FreedomLenses.co.nz didn’t exactly come down in the last shower. CEO Steve Foster has been involved in the contact lenses scene since 2003 as the founder and owner of Ezyvision.co.nz a website dedicated to selling well known brands of contact lenses.

So why Freedom Lenses? Since covid and all the disruptions that have come with it, we have experienced all the typical issues like price increases, supply disruptions, delayed & uncertain delivery times – and we realised that with all of these issues (that are almost impossible to control), there’s really only one victim – you the contact lens wearer.

FreedomLenses.com.au|Our story

The Plan

We decided to embark on a totally different model. Go directly to reputable independent contact lens manufacturers, cherry pick their best products, stock them here in New Zealand to ensure the fastest possible delivery – and offer them directly to you the wearer online at much more realistic prices. It’s simply a win-win-win situation. A huge amount of cost is stripped out of the model resulting in much cheaper lenses than ever before – even pre-covid!

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Are the lenses any good?

They’re awesome! We are getting some of the most advanced innovations coming through in the lenses we offer now. From super high oxygen transmission silicone hydrogel material that allows up to 7 x more oxygen to flow through to your eyes, to advanced edge design that reduces eye irritation, to BioPlus – a coating on the outside of the lenses to retain moisture and lubricity – these puppies have all the bells & whistles!

Anyone for a trial first?

But don’t take our word for it. You’ll see all of our lenses are available in either 2pks for monthly lenses or 5pks for dailies. So you don’t have to commit to a big purchase value to start with. And with delivery anywhere in New Zealand just a very reasonable $3.95 you’re away laughing!

FreedomLenses.com.au|Our story

How do I know what lenses to choose?

Check out this simple tool to know what our comparable lenses are:

Your current lensesOur alternate lens option
I wear daily lensesTruemoist 5pk (trial me!) Truemoist 30pk
I wear daily toric (astigmatism) lensesOur own daily toric lenses coming soon!
I wear daily multifocal lensesNot yet available sorry
I wear coloured daily lensesTrublends Daily Colors 10pk
I wear monthly/two weekly lensesAirsoft 2pk (great to trial!) or Airsoft 6pk
I wear monthly/2 weekly toric (astigmatism) lensesHiToric 2pk (great to trial!)
I wear monthly multifocal lensesNot yet available sorry
I wear coloured monthly lensesTrublends Colors 2pk