HiToric Silicone Hydrogel for Astigmatism 2pk

HiToric Silicone Hydrogel for Astigmatism 2pk

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Your powers not available? We are adding more power combinations regularly so if yours is not available yet, visit here again soon or if you want to jump the queue drop us an email and request your powers. Delivery time for requested powers will be approx 3-4 weeks. Email us at sales@freedomlenses.com.au

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HiToric for Astigmatism contact lenses are designed to offer astigmatism lens wearers with the absolute best contact lens wearing experience.

These lenses are made from Innofilcon A, a material that provides super high levels of oxygen permeability which makes your eyes much more healthy, gives greater comfort and reduces tiredness. Your eyes will be whiter and brighter for longer!

HiToric lenses for astigmatism also have a special coating: BioPlus Shield which is a hydrophillic layer. The purpose of BioPlus Shield is to improve the wettability of the lenses for longer reducing dryness, it increases surface water retention which reduces irritation, it increases lubricity which helps to keep your contact lenses feel moist and comfortable for longer hours of use, and it minimises protein and lipid build up on the lens which improves the healthiness overall of your eyes.

HiToric contact lenses are monthly toric contact lenses and intended for daily use which means they need to be removed at night but you should get 30 days of good use out of them. If you wear two weekly lenses, these will also be an excellent choice and you may even find that you can get a few more days use out of them – making them even more cost effective!

If you’re looking for cheap toric contact lenses astigmatism AU wearers have never had them better than this.

Help! You don’t have my powers available!

Yes we know our available powers are a bit limited but this is changing! We are planning to add all powers from -0.00 to -10.00 in the next few months. Unfortunately HiToric is not yet manufactured in plus powers at all. And also for now there is only a limited range of axis options to what we already have available in the dropdown.

Looking for normal (non astigmatism contact lenses? Airsoft Silicone Hydrogel monthly contact lenses are an excellent choice for just $12.95/2pk !

Want to know more about toric contact lenses? Here’s some more information here

Lens Information

Pack Size 2 lenses
Material Content Innofilcon A 55%, Water 45%
Diameter 14.2
BC 8.6

2 reviews for HiToric Silicone Hydrogel for Astigmatism 2pk

  1. Nessi T

    Wow super fast delivery got them this morning and I only ordered yesterday afternoon

  2. Liam K

    Very happy with the lenses and never had such fast delivery for my torics before

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