TruBlends Monthly Colours 2pk

TruBlends Monthly Colours 2pk


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TruBlends Monthly contact lenses are a popular colour contact lens that are available in six attractive colours to give you a very natural yet effective eye colour change.
TruBlends Monthly lenses offer value, convenience and beauty. TruBlends Monthly contact lenses are also available in non-prescription (plano or 0.00) power if you don’t need vision correction but still want the benefit of beautiful looking eyes.
With comfortable moisturising surfaces, these coloured lenses are an extension of yourself. High quality, subtle, natural eye colours.
TruBlends by ColourVue are a monthly replacement contact lens, meaning you can use them for up to 30 days use provided they are removed every night and cleaned and stored in quality solution.

Lens Information

Pack Size 10 lenses
Material Content 58% Terpolymer, 42% water
Diameter 14.2
BC 8.6


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