Want to trial contact lenses for free?

Want to trial contact lenses for free?

… you never know until you try…

dunno who came up with that one but we think it applies here don’t you!

Free trial lenses | Freedomlenses.co.nz

If you’re keen to consider switching to a different brand of lenses, it’s probably because the price is attracting you, but deep down inside you’ve got this nagging doubt that goes something like:

“…but what if the lenses don’t suit me and they stuff my eyes…?”

Does this sound about right?

Yep we get it, fair enough.

That’s why we offer either a free 10pk (5 lenses for each eye) of our Truemoist Dailies brand or a free 2pk (1 lens for each eye) of our Airsoft Silicone Hydrogel Monthly lenses for you to trial for free – all you will pay is the $5.95 shipping cost.

Just add either of these two products to your cart, then enter this promo code:


The product value will be removed and when you go to checkout you’ll see only shipping will still apply 🙂

What about the other lens brands?

We’re sorry but for now we only offer trial contact lenses of Truemoist Dailies and Airsoft Monthly


Free trial contact lenses – the T’s and C’s

Suspicious boy very close up

The promo code will work once for every customer & you must create a customer account otherwise the code will not work.

We know this is a generous gesture to offer free lenses to trial, and for some people it may be tempting to try and get multiple trial orders for free.

Please don’t. It’s excruciatingly embarrassing for both you & us if we have to advise you that we suspect there has been fraudulent use of this code.

We know it’s possible to create multiple customer accounts to try and circumvent the restriction and we do have anti-fraud software that checks for this sort of fraud. It works pretty well.

Get your free trial of Truemoist Dailies here

Get your free trial of Airsoft Monthlies here

(use code FREELENSES in the cart to redeem this offer)